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How do I transfer my 1300 number?

If you already have an existing 1300 number, transferring your 1300 number service to us is easy. Take advantage of our low call rates, free local and national calls on our low monthly plans.

To bring over your 1300 number from another Australian carrier, simply contact us so we can do the heavy lifting for you. Or, if you prefer to sign up online, just select Transfer existing 1300 number option during the signup process.

All transfer requests can be done without interruption to your existing inbound number service.

If you have a 1300 number you wish to activate, simply contact us, select your plan and we can have your number up and running as fast as 24 hours.

What information do I need to port my 1300 number?

Porting your 1300 number is relatively hassle-free. The following information is available on your current telco bill.

Your 1300 number

Name of your current telco carrier

Name of your 1300 number account

Will there be disruptions to my 1300 number service?

During the porting process, there shouldn't be any service disruptions to your 1300 number. On average it takes between 5 to 7 working days to port your 1300 number over from one carrier to another. This can vary slightly depending on the carrier.

What happens during the porting process?

1300 number porting process

When you contact us to port your 1300 number, we will process your account information and approach your current carrier to request a port-away. While we wait for your current carrier to release your 1300 number, we proceed to create your new account in our system, set up your preferred routing options and activate your 1300 number on our platform.

It's easy! Get started today!

Port my 1300 number