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Analytix call tracking

Proving the effectivity of your marketing efforts can be a daunting task. It gets even harder when you start talking about phone leads.

With a call tracking platform, you won’t have to get stuck guessing, or putting your money in the wrong places.

Track which ad sources bring the most callers with certainty, dive deep into actionable data, get AI-assisted transcription and more with call tracking.

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Here's how call tracking can
help your business.

how call tracking can help your business

Trace calls to their source

Track which ad sources drive the most calls with the help
of dynamic numbers.


Understand your callers

Track your callers’ complete journeys, from online
searches, site visits, and offline conversions.


Make the most of your campaigns

Make informed decisions on your marketing with the
help of auto-generated reports and insights.


Add to your CRM ecosystem

Easily integrate your call tracking software to Google
Anayltics and more.

Fully-featured call tracking with multiple data points

Ad-specific dynamic numbers

ad source

Track your ad channels and see what callers engage with.

Unique visitor IDs

call attribution

Assign unique IDs to every caller to see what they’ve searched and which of your pages they’ve visited.

Call recording & A.I. tagging

call recording

Get AI-assisted recording and transcription to ensure quality customer experiences.

Comprehensive reporting

comprehensive report

Get detailed, actionable data on how your calls are doing.

CRM integration

crm integration

Connect with Google Analytics and other CRM platforms easily.

SMS manager

missed call tracking

Send SMS messages to follow up on missed calls or send out campaign messaging.

Understand your calls better with
detailed reports

time and day report

Time & day logger

time and day report

Easily see when your business gets the most callers.

Web journey tracking

web journey tracking

See what webpages callers visit before calling.

web journey tracking
call attribution report

Per-number call volume

call attribution report

Compare your inbound numbers and see which
ones get the most calls.

Call duration reporting

call duration report

See how long an average call lasts, and how quickly they get answered.

call duration report
missed call tracking

Missed call tracking

missed call tracking

Review unanswered calls and sort them by
day or week.

Easy cross-platform syncing

Analytix call tracking on devices
Analytix dashboard on macbook Analytix dashboard on ipad Analytix dashboard on mobile

Call tracking works with any of your preferred CRM and analytics services.

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