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Give your callers control with a call forwarding menu.

Getting a voice prompt menu for your business 1300 number helps you better manage your incoming call flows. At the start of the call, a professional voice message prompts the caller to select the department or extension they wish to speak to.

Voice prompt menus are commonly referred to as a call forwarding menu, IVR (Interactive Voice Response) menu, automated reception or auto attendant.

How can a voice prompt menu enhance my 1300 number?

1300 numbers are highly compatible with other features and services that enhances the functionality of your inbound service. Setting up your 1300 number to integrate with a voice prompt menu or IVR has many benefits.

Enhance your business image with a professionally
recorded menu options

Give your callers options at their fingertips

Automatically redirect calls to the correct department or person.

Helps your inbound call flow management

Ideal for any size business

This is how a call forwarding menu handles your business calls.

Caller dials your 1300 number

When connected, caller is greeted by a professional recorded introduction

Caller is given call forwarding menu options

Press 1 for sales

Press 2 for support

Press 3 for billing

Press 4 to speak to customer service

Call is forwarded accordingly

Department, team or person

Professional operator or live answering service

Voice to email

Any answerpoint including mobile

How can I get a professionally recorded menu?

Make you’re a great first impression with a professionally recorded menu by a voice artist. We have direct access to many professional voice artists who can record your script and add background music to your preference.

Listen to voice talent samples.

Female IVR sample 1

Male IVR sample 1

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Male IVR sample 2

Plans and pricing

$10 per month IVR PRO

IVR Menu options included

1 – 5 options


Critical Information Summary
Additional Charges
Additional sub-menus 1-3 options
Monthly cost
Additional sub-menus 1-3 options
Setup cost
Professionally recorded voicemail greeting
Professional Voice Talents
$49 – $200Quote required
Change IVR audio recording QuoteCost varies depending on length and complexity of script.