Getting a 1300 number for your business.

How to buy a 1300 number.

If you are considering a 1300 number for your business, you're probably thinking of ways to help your business attract more customers. 1300 numbers can boost your business image and help you manage your incoming calls.

We make buying a 1300 number super quick and easy.

Here’s how to get a 1300 number in 5 easy steps:

Choose from our list of available 1300 numbers.

If you don't find a 1300 number that you like, you may want to buy a 1300 number directly from the government through

Once you have selected the 1300 number of your choice, you may contact us and sign up over the phone or place your order online.

Select the best 1300 number call plan for your business.

Customise your 1300 number with your preferred routing options and answerpoints.

Once we have your account and payment information, your order will be submitted for processing. Your new 1300 number can be activated in as little as one business day!

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Will I own my 1300 number?

When you request to buy a 1300 number from the government website, you secure the rights to use the number in a specific geographic area. The Australian government retains ownership and control over all 1300 numbers issued.

When you select a number from our pool of available numbers, you are also securing a Normal Issue 1300 number, which gives you the rights use the number for as long as you are hosted on our monthly service plans.

If you purchase a 1300 Smartnumber or phoneword, you also access the right to sell or lease the number to a 3rd party. However, the phone number is only activated when you connect it with a specialist telco provider like 1300 Numbers Australia.

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Why you should buy 1300 numbers, not lease them.

Some 1300 number providers may offer to lease a 1300 number to you on a fixed monthly plan. Be careful when considering this as an option. Buying a 1300 number directly from is the best and only way to retain maximum control over your number, without paying unnecessary and hefty monthly leasing fees. You can purchase a 1300 number from as little as $250.

When you buy a number through 1300 Numbers Australia, you retain full control of your number without paying leasing fees or lock-in contracts.

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Stay because you want to. Not because we've locked you in.

We don't believe in contracts!

There's nothing worse than paying for a service you don’t need or being with a provider you're not happy with. Don't worry, at 1300 Numbers Australia, we don't believe in contracts for your 1300 number service. Stay with us because you love our service and see the value that a 1300 number can bring to your business. That's a promise!

Simply give us 30 days written notice to cancel your service and make sure you review the Critical Information Summary before setting up your 1300 number with us.

How much does it cost to get a 1300 number?

When selecting a 1300 number from our available numbers list, you will find three different pricing categories based on the memorability of or the number. The cost of a 1300 number is a once-off fee as per below.

1300 numbers
1300 numbers
$59 + GST
1300 numbers
$99 + GST

Once you have selected your preferred number, you'll need to choose a 1300 number call plan to host your number. 1300 Numbers Australia will connect number and then you're good to go!

How do I buy a 1300 Smartnumber?

1300 Smartnumbers are managed by the Australian Government through the Australian Communications and Media Authority at the ACMA Smartnumbers website. You can get 1300 Numbers via direct purchase from their website with prices for Smartnumbers starting at $250.

To purchase a 1300 number from ACMA, follow these simple steps.

Register and set up your account.

Check the availability of the 1300 number you would like and to add to cart.

Review your order and checkout.

Once you have paid for your 1300 number, you have gained the rights of use to that number.

You will receive a confirmation of your 1300 number purchase.

Contact a trusted provider like 1300 Numbers Australia to get your number connected.

What is the alternative to buying a 1300 number?

1300 Numbers Australia offers a list of available 1300 numbers for your business to select from. If you're after a special 1300 number that spells a phoneword, you can check the availability using our Smartnumbers look up tool. This tool checks the availability of your specific 1300 number or phoneword, by referencing the ACMA numbers database.

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What if the 1300 number you want is already owned by a 3rd party?

If the specific 1300 number you want is already owned by a third party such as a specialised phoneword company, you may be able to lease the number. Leasing a 1300 number means that you will never fully control the use and management of the 1300 number and you will be bound by the terms and conditions of the leasing contract.

A 1300 number leasing contract typically ranges from one to three years. The right to increase or decrease leasing fees is at the discretion of the leasing company and at the end of the contract period, you will need to re-negotiate use. If you choose to discontinue your lease, the owner can re-lease the number to a different company, including to one of your competitors.

At 1300 Numbers Australia, we will never charge a leasing fee for a 1300 number. You simply select your preferred 1300 number from our pool of available numbers - or purchase your own number from the ACMA government website. We connect and host your 1300 number for a low monthly service fee, with no contracts.

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