What is call tracking and why is it important?

It may surprise you to read this, but as more and more businesses integrate online means to their daily operations, so do their offline phone calls. In fact, they’ve been reclaiming their place as one of the most reliable things in a business’ marketing strategy. In fact, a study in 2015 projected that calls placed… Read More


Social media takeover: Are inbound numbers obsolete?

Social media has made it easy for practically anybody with a mobile phone and an internet connection to find and contact a company. So, a lot of business owners would probably ask if an inbound number is worth investing in. Though social media has made it appear that calls are slowly becoming obsolete, inbound numbers… Read More


1300 number porting: How it is done and other things you should know

For every business, phone calls are the primary source of leads. However, poor customer service and expensive monthly plans from a telco provider can push a business owner to transfer their 1300 number service elsewhere. This transfer is often referred to as porting. In terms of 1300 number porting, how is it done? Plus, here… Read More


1300 number lookup: How to get the best number for your business

1300 numbers are widely known as business phone numbers, and companies of all industries and sizes can benefit from them. That said, businesses look for 1300 numbers for different reasons—and how you go about a 1300 number lookup would be different depending on what you’re after. Are you looking for a custom phone number that… Read More


Set up your 1300 business number in four simple steps

Perhaps you’re considering getting a 1300 business number but not quite sure about how to proceed—after all, they’re not quite like your usual landline or mobile numbers. No need to worry. Setting up a 1300 number can be broken down into a few simple steps. Follow these and you can have your own virtual business… Read More