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Don’t hold off. If you see a number you like, order it today. Available 1300 numbers on our list is updated constantly. Avoid missing out on securing a free number or a number of your choice. Our 1300 numbers can be activated quickly on one of our great value monthly call plans.

How do I find available 1300 Smartnumbers?

If you are looking for a specific 1300 number that spells a phoneword, or a memorable number that is not on our available list, you can simple do a search using our Smartnumbers look up tool. If the Smartnumber is available, you may visit the ACMA's website to acquire the number directly. Once you receive confirmation, please contact us to have your new 1300 Smartnumber activated.

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We have been supporting Australian businesses with 1300 number services for over a decade. We are a trusted industry provider of 1300 numbers, and also provide 1800 number services through our sister site www.1800numbersaustralia.com.au

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