Should you lease or buy 1300 numbers?

Lease or Buy 1300 numbers?

Deciding to get a 1300 number is one of the best decisions you can make for your business. But before you start enjoying the numerous benefits of having one, you must first decide whether to lease or buy 1300 numbers.


Should you transfer your existing 1300 number to a different provider?

transfer your 1300 number

Signing up for a 1300 number benefits businesses in a variety of ways. Unfortunately, not all get lucky when it comes to finding the right provider. Whether you’re at the end of your contract,


5 ways to increase efficiency at work through 1300 numbers

Increase efficiency at work with 1300 numbers

Being an entrepreneur means putting on multiple hats all at once, and then some. But as the year comes to a close, it’s easy to neglect one, if not all of these roles due to the festive spirit of the holidays.


The advantages of 1300 numbers for service based businesses

1300 numbers for service based businesses

Service marketing is a challenge compared to advertising products. Businesses like yours not only have to win over customers, but also build long standing relationships. Your image and branding become two of the key factors that determine your sales.


Build your brand on a tight budget with a 1300 number

building your brand with a 1300 number

Nothing feels as good as setting up a business and finally being your own boss. After all the planning comes the hard part—spreading the word