Choosing among landline, mobile, or 1300 numbers for business

Landline, Mobile or 1300 Numbers for Business

Getting a number for your business seems like one of the most obvious decisions that have to be made.However, choosing the right kind that will serve all of your needs as an entrepreneur can be quite confusing for startups. To make this choice easier, we’ve put together the pros and cons of landline, mobile, and… Read More


How to use 1300 numbers wisely: modern day phone etiquette for entrepreneurs

how to use 1300 numbers wisely

Getting a 1300 number is the first step in the right direction towards making your business more professional.


A quick guide to choosing a 1300 number for your business

Choosing a 1300 Number Guide

Buying a 1300 number is one of the best, yet crucial decisions you’ll ever make for your business.


4 reasons why advertising 1300 numbers pays off

4 Reasons Why Advertising 1300 Numbers Pays Off

One of the biggest misconceptions that entrepreneurs make is thinking that a regular landline or mobile phone number would suffice for their business.


How to get more done in less time with a 1300 number

being productive with 1300 numbers

A person that stays in three hours past his shift doesn’t necessarily produce more results than a person who leaves on time.