4 things you didn’t know your 1300 number could do

4 Things You Didn't Know Your 1300 Number Could Do

1300 numbers don’t replace your existing lines, they work with it. But more than a way for your new and existing customers to contact you, these virtual numbers come with multiple features that help you run a better business, and of course, earn more profit. Whether it’s a free feature or an added one for a cost,… Read More


4 ways to stretch your startup money with 1300 numbers

4 Ways to Stretch Your Startup Money with 1300 Numbers

Some say that to earn money, you have to spend money. While there is some truth to that, it doesn’t mean that you can’t be prudent about where you spend your hard-earned cash. One of the biggest investments when starting a business is on communication tools. But more than just an added cost to operate, tools… Read More


An easy guide to getting your 1300 smartnumber

an easy guide to getting your 1300 smartnumber

Having a catchy number is a must for any business, big or small. Despite the boom of e-mails and SMS, phone calls are still a standard for doing legitimate business. If your industry is highly competitive, a regular number just won’t cut it. If memorability is a top priority, getting a 1300 smartnumber is your best bet. So how… Read More


4 things you should know during your 1300 number search

1300 number search

The search for Australian 1300 numbers always begins with a quick search on the internet. But with thousands of articles about it on the net, separating necessary information from plain sales talk can be hard. So, as a specialist carrier of 1300 numbers, we’ve come up with the four questions you need to answer to make getting… Read More


Growing a home based business using 1300 numbers

Growing a Home Based Business Using 1300 Numbers

Today, anyone can dabble into entrepreneurship as long as they have the passion, drive, and a little capital.Thanks to advances in technology, having a brick and mortar store is no longer a prerequisite for doing business. The government estimates around one million Australians enjoy the flexibility of working in a home-based setting. Despite being a big… Read More